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LiabilityWatch 8: Court Ruling on E.U. Data Privacy Laws a Game Changer for U.S. Companies

The Court of Justice of the Europrean Union has struck down as unlawful a method many U.S. companies have been using to demonstrate compliance with E.U. data privacy laws. London-based attorney Nick Burkill of Dorsey & Whitney explains what happened and what steps your company needs to take to avoid exposing itself to penalties in the U.K.

LiabilityWatch 7: Reducing Liability Risk in the Internet of Things

With the billions of devices now connected to the Internet, it comes as no surprise that such connectivity can create a cyber-vulnerability. How can designers and manufacturers limit their liability for connected devices? A product liability attorney at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Chip Magid, shares with us how to reduce the liability risk of connected products.

LiabilityWatch 6: Social Media Crisis Planning

With the rise of social media the realm of crisis management has had no choice but to evolve. What can your company do to protect itself in this era of instant communication? Bob McNaney, a crisis communication and reputation management expert at the communications firm, PadillaCRT, shares with us how companies can prepare to monitor and use social media in a time of crisis.

LiabilityWatch 5: When and How Does a Common Interest Agreement Apply?

Two or more companies represented by separate attorneys often want to coordinate on strategy and share information, but to do so in confidence. In many cases companies look to a common interest agreement. When can such an agreement be used, and what are the benefits? Product Liability Attorney Chip Magid of Dorsey & Whitney LLP breaks down the hows and whys of common interest agreements.

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LiabilityWatch 4: What’s New with Nutritional Supplements

Dietary supplements are a multi-million dollar business in the U.S., yet the industry is under assault, most recently from New York’s Attorney General. What is the current state of the nutritional supplement industry?

Request a copy of Dorsey & Whitney’s Nutritional Supplements Overview here.
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LiabilityWatch 3: Protecting Against Litigation Hold Risks

A company’s failure to have a reasonable and consistently implemented litigation hold procedure can expose it to significant risk and damages in litigation. What can companies do to protect against the risk of sanctions in litigation?

Request a copy of Dorsey & Whitney’s Best Practices Litigation Hold/Preservation checklist here.
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LiabilityWatch 2: How to Protect Your Brand from Counterfeiting

Counterfeit goods can damage brand equity and cost companies billions in lost sales. What steps can your company take to protect itself against counterfeiting? Attorney Bryon Benevento of Dorsey & Whitney LLP shares several practical measures your company should take both before and after discovering a counterfeit.

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LiabilityWatch 1: Four Lessons from GM’s Ignition Switch Fiasco

GM’s experience with the faulty Cobalt ignition switch is dramatic and highly publicized, but it’s not unique. Any company is susceptible to blind spots. In this episode of Liability Watch, we talk to product liability attorney Chip Magid of Dorsey & Whitney LLP about what lessons any manufacturer can take away from GM’s ordeal.

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